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Earth Day

Every day is Earth Day.

Officially, we celebrate it on 22.04 – World Earth Day.

But with Foodobox, every day is Earth Day.

Every day we fight food waste and every day we take steps to protect our planet.

The impact of food waste on Earth

Did you know that food waste accounts for nearly 10% of harmful carbon emissions globally each year? 3.3 billion tons of CO2. That’s far more than the entire aviation industry.

Moreover, about 250 sq. km. of freshwater are wasted every year because of food waste – nearly 1/4 of the planet’s freshwater is used for food that will never be consumed.

Our point is, things are serious.

And the way to limit this harmful impact is by saving the food from going to waste. Yes, even that lonely stale bread. Yes, especially leftover food from restaurants and bakeries, which is perfectly fine to eat. With every food box saved, you save the planet 2.5 kg of CO2.

Every step in the right direction is a step in the right direction. And with the right actions, every day becomes Earth Day.

So celebrate Earth Day by saving something delicious with Foodobox.

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