Partner FAQs

Easy. You need to register your company by clicking on the “Register your business” button. After completing the registration, a representative of our team will contact you to help you with the first steps.

It is called a surprise box because it is not possible to predict what products and foods will remain in excess. The customer is aware that they are receiving a box of salvaged food that is a mix of different items.

In the surprise box that you will offer to customers on the platform, there can be any food, which at the time of sale is not of degraded quality or expired. You can sell cooked or packaged food and drinks, fruits and vegetables, products with broken packaging or those in non-commercial form.

Any type of food and beverages that are unfit for consumption, expired, open, moldy, etc.

You can manage your account easily and conveniently through the Admin Panel. There you can enter and adjust the time range, availability and track orders to the site in real time. If you need more information, you can contact our representative.

You don’t have to sell every day, we are plan B on the days you have a surplus.

After saving the surprise box you offer through the mobile application, the customer will pick it up at the location in the pick-up window you have set in advance. Payment is made at the time of taking the order.

If you don't find the answer to your question here, you can contact us.