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Spotlight: Social Rabbit Bakery

Social Rabbit Bakery is a small bakery in the center of Sofia, where you can find some of the most delicious brownies and carrot cakes in Sofia (and not only, but these are our personal favorites). A place where you can enjoy incredible delicacies, prepared with love and served with great care.

We asked them some questions about their partnership with Foodobox.

Briefly describe your partnership with Foodobox.

Our partnership with Foodobox aims to build a world where great food is not thrown away and wasted, but rather valued and enjoyed by people.

Why is fighting food waste important to you?

Fighting food waste is important to us to ensure that food is used more efficiently, respecting people’s needs and protecting our planet. Fighting food waste helps us to be an active participant in the community and in this way we show that small businesses can play a big role in the sustainable use of resources and the promotion of responsible consumption.

What can be found in the Social Rabbit Bakery surprise box?

In our Foodobox surprise box you can find a variety of delicious sweet and savory products. This could include cake, a scrumptious tartlet, or other assorted desserts or pretzels.

In our campaign “Spotlight: Partners” we tell more about the restaurants and shops we partner with that we believe are taking the right steps towards a more sustainable future.