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Spotlight: Loving Hut

Gergana and Krasimir founded Loving Hut in 2015 with the vision of dishes with superior taste, high quality and pure vegan ingredients. For fans of healthy and vegan food, Loving Hut is a must-stop in Sofia. From quiches, through vegan pizza, to our favorite skalichki – Loving Hut offers a wide range of vegan dishes with incredible taste and proves that delicious food and a sustainable lifestyle can be in perfect symbiosis.

We asked them some questions about their partnership with Foodobox.

Briefly describe your partnership with Foodobox.

We at Loving Hut are both happy that we don’t have to throw away delicious vegan food that we have made with lots of love, and we are also happy that our customers and Foodobox users can enjoy the food boxes at a huge discount.

Why is fighting food waste important to you?

A large amount of food from shops and restaurants and sometimes even from our homes is thrown away every year. At the same time, almost 1 billion people around the world go hungry. It is necessary to change the way we use the Earth’s resources, our consumer habits, including making maximum use of “excess” food. It is in most cases no inferior to high-quality food, but it is produced in more than expected demand.

What can be found in the Loving Hut surprise box?

In our box you can find delicious vegan surprises. It could be one of our main dishes of the day, other times a sweet surprise. Sometimes it happens that our visitors have eaten everything during the day and, when a Foodobox customer comes, we give them food that we prepare on the spot.

In our campaign “Spotlight: Partners” we tell more about the restaurants and shops we partner with that we believe are taking the right steps towards a more sustainable future.