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Spotlight: Furna

Furna Bakery is located in the ideal center of Sofia, right across from National Palace of Culture. There we always find delicacies prepared with quality ingredients and lots of love. From the crispy baguettes, through the homemade patties, to our favorite pistachio croissants – we know everything will enchant our taste buds. The salty and sweet boxes that Furna offer are always a tasty treat.

We asked them some questions about their partnership with Foodobox.

Briefly describe your partnership with Foodobox.

For us, our partnership with Foodobox is a friendly cooperation that not only helps both parties, but is also at the service of the customer, who receives quality products at a very favorable price.

Why is fighting food waste important to you?

Reducing food waste globally is a huge necessity for everyone, especially in light of starving children in some Third World countries. We want to contribute to a world where significantly less food is wasted.

What can be found in the Furna Bakery surprise box?

A variety of homemade delicacies, prepared with love and quality ingredients – snacks, pies, bread, croissants, as well as various desserts.

In our campaign “Spotlight: Partners” we tell more about the restaurants and shops we partner with that we believe are taking the right steps towards a more sustainable future.